Building a bridge

March 22, 2010


9 Responses to “Building a bridge”

  1. matty said

    very cool, and bridge-building/repairing is kinda fitting for what’s been on my mind as of late. sweeeet mustache.

  2. courtneyism said

    he had a sweet crystal around his neck and feathers in his hat.
    you know your name is spelled maddy right?

  3. derek said

    hey courtney..
    thanks – i thought it worked.
    Not sure about baby henderson day..but got a cat day in the works…
    i like the stuff you are putting up me a glimpse into your career as well. I miss the business.

  4. Everyone building bridges should look so cool; I’d hang out around construction sights a lot more. 🙂

  5. Sarah said

    I’m willing to bet we looked equally ridiculous.
    Russellville-friendly yet?

  6. courtneyism said

    Rachel you hang out at construction sites all the time!
    Sarah, no not yet. Soon though, I think.

  7. courtneyism said

    Derek, cat day in the works. awesome

  8. matty said

    where the hell did the d’s come from? my name ain’t maddthew.

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